Release notes

Platform: 1.27.1

Version 1.25.6 13/dez/2023

Update 2.70

All changes from 2.70 now available in Dofus Creator!
  • All set bonuses (over 150), class balance and new items from version 2.70 have been updated!
  • New Osamodas summoning mechanic implemented
  • Changes from version 2.70.2 with 50 more sets updated
  • Fixed a bug in the visualization of character heals
  • Now the player profile with account information is displayed on the right side of the panel
  • New icons for all classes added

Previous versions:

28/01-03/07 2023 Ver 1.20 - 1.24

versão 1.24.0 03/jul/2023 - Update 2.68!

  • All class changes from update 2.68 have arrived at Dofus Creator!

versão 1.23.0 15/jun/2023 - Partners profile!

  • In projects page now we have a link to our partners profile of Dofus Creator
  • Fixed some bugs in many sets and equipments

Versão 1.22.2 - Atualização oficial 2.67!

  • Final version 2.67 now available on Dofus Creator, with all fixes made.
  • Some minor bugs with items and set bonuses have been fixed.

Versão 1.22 - Update beta 2.67!

  • All class modifications from update 2.67 have arrived in the Dofus Creator!
  • The Foggernaut's Ambush spell display has been improved, as have his turrets.

Version 1.21 - Optimizations for mobile

  • The Dofus Creator received several optimizations for the mobile version, such as a new interface for creating projects and the possibility to hide and improve the display of various polluting elements on the screen.
  • The site's name received new colors and the top menu was better organized in relation to the central positioning of the page.
Version 1.20.0 28/jan/2023


Automatically build your outfits using Fashionista's tool!
  • You can now test the new Dofus Creator tool: Fashionista.
    Fashionista is a tool that builds automatic sets for your project according to your specifications. Try it!
  • When equipping a set of items, and especially when opening another player's blueprint, the equipment now are equipped one by one.
    In addition to aesthetic improvements, this makes the interface freeze for less time.
  • Changed the way the message is displayed that indicates you are using a private project.
  • Now the number of projects you can have saved in your account is adjustable. The longer the existence your Dofus Creator account has, the greater the number of projects you can have saved.
    In short, your account's project limit increases by 50 each month.
  • We cleaned up the website menu in the mobile version.
    An update is planned very soon to improve the mobile navigation of the site.

Small improvements

  • Fixed a bug with Enutrof spells in the training interface
  • Some sets have had their bonus updated
  • Added some translations that had not been made for Spanish
  • We are gradually implementing a new type of "alert" message that appears on the site
  • Fixed a bug in the Dofus bonus effects list in some languages
07/12/2022 Ver 1.19.3

1.19.3   07/dec

  • Fixed all spells of classes and attributes from the beta version with the arrival of the official patch 2.66
  • All new items in version 2.66 have been revised, both their stats and set bonuses. Also, HD images of the items were added.
  • Lancedur: all spell damage has been overhauled, HD screenshots have been added as well as correct spell translation for all languages.
  • Demais classes: other classes that had some minor changes to their spells were also updated, such as Eniripsa, Roublard, Kilorf, Huppermago and Osamodas.
  • Added Remission spell damage visualization for Rogues.
  • Fixed a bug where new items from version 2.6 6 didn't show up in the blueprints mosaic.
Version 1.19.0 18/nov/2022

Patch 2.66

All the new features of patch 2.66 have been implemented!
  • All new content from Dofus Patch 2.66 has arrived in Dofus Creator
    As the beta progresses, changes can be made
  • The Lancedur class has been added to the site!
    In fact, they had already been added in early November
  • All the new items in Patch 2.66 can now be equipped and tested!
  • With the new restrictions on Dofus Patch 2.66 set bonuses, we've added some small adaptations to help players identify the new restrictions
  • Scythes and Spears categories have been added separately in the weapons catalog
  • Along with the previous item, the new items that were replaced by spears and scythes are now working as well

Minor improvements

  • New restrictions and item specifications are displayed in purple or as a condition in yellow
  • Minor improvements to item text colors in dark theme
  • Weapon skill power now scales with character level
  • Minor fixes to item statuses in the Spanish language
01/11/2022 Ver
  • 01/nov
    • We added Lancedur to Dofus Creator!
  • 28/sep
    • Common spell damage updated for post-beta version
    • The icons of common spells has been changed
  • 27/sep
    • Added visual improvements for Widescreen monitors
    • Improved menu placement
    • Visual improvements in the mobile version
  • 19/sep - Fixed a bug on Dofus Vulbis effects
Version 1.18.0 10/sep/2021

Patch 2.65

All the new features of patch 2.65 have been implemented!
  • All new content from Dofus Patch 2.65 has arrived in Dofus Creator.
    As the beta progresses, changes can be made.
  • Pandawa: had all his new spells added
  • Feitiços comuns: new spells common to all characters have also been added.
  • Common spells now appear alongside the normal spell catalog at the end of the list.
    It is possible to hide these spells if you don't want to see them all the time.
  • When opening Dofus Creator for the first time, you will be able to choose the website theme (default light or dark)
  • Ecaflip's Rekop spell has its visualization improved.
18/06/2022 Ver &
Version 1.16.0 18/jun/2022

Patch 2.64

All the new features of patch 2.64 have been implemented!
  • All classes have their spells updated to version 2.64

  • 07/aug - Animation
  • We added some interface animations for test. Maybe we will keep it.

  • 05/aug - Spell fixes
  • Fixed Xelor's Hand spell
  • Now you can see the charges of the Cra's Fulminating Arrow spell
  • Fixed Force of Nature damage, of Sadida, and added one more charge display
  • Osamoda's Duster spell has fixed

  • 17/jul - Buf fixes
  • Fixed the bonus of Infernal, Fluvial, Contrabanned and Murderous sets.
  • Fixed the damage of Chaotic Scythe.

  • 26/jun - Will Killson time!
  • The incarnation of Will Killson has been added! You can test your damage by equipping your incarnation weapon.
  • Fixed Foggernaut's Short Circuit spell element
  • Foggernaut's Sonar spell now shows turrets' special damage
  • The Iop's Intimidation spell has been fixed to be the best element
  • Incarnation weapons are now displayed at level #1, except Will Kilson, who is displayed at level #50
  • Will Kilson weapon now appears in catalog like a common item
    It is worth remembering that all incarnation weapons can be equipped. To see them, open the site settings (right menu) and uncheck the option "Hide special items" so they can be displayed in the catalog.
  • Fixed the translation of the spell simulator screen to English and French

  • 20/jun - Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug where parts of Burning Set was not identified as a set.
  • Fixed a bug with Sunken Set and Submerged Set (both is called "Conjunto Submerso" in portuguese).
23/03/2022 Ver
Version 1.15.0 23/mar/2022

Patch 2.63

All the new features of patch 2.63 have been implemented!
  • All classes have their spells updated to version 2.63
  • The new spell icons will also have been updated
  • Prismaraditas level updated to 200
  • All 57 sets from level 100 to 150 also had their bonuses updated
  • Added the new Goblins, Hell Mina and Malters sets.
  • Other small fixes made to the interface and items.
01/02/2022 Ver

1.14.1   01/feb/2022

  • The ratings filter is now displayed as buttons just above projects
  • Improved the search logic for project rating and fixed some bugs
  • Removed the Dofus Creator mobile app promotion popup. The app has been discontinued.
Version 1.14.0 27/jan/2022

Rate projects with your Like

Now you can like other players' projects and search for the top rated projects!
  • Added a new rating system to projects, based on Likes
    • It is now possible to rate a project by clicking Like . This option is available on the projects page, dashboard and also when opening a user's project to edit it.
    • You can view projects you've liked by accessing your dashboard. On the right side there is the option Projects I liked. This is a way to save projects that you liked and left for later reference.
      -  You can remove your like from any project by clicking like again. After this action, the disliked project will no longer be displayed on your panel.
      -   It is worth remembering that if a user makes a project that you liked private, it will no longer be shown to you.
    • In addition to viewing the likes of your projects and the projects of other users, you can also see how many total likes a user has by accessing their public profile.

  • New rating filter.
    • With the arrival of likes, it is also possible to filter the projects most loved by users. You can find this filter on the project search page.
    • When accessing the projects page, the Best of the month filter will always be loaded. By default, when searching for a project, the search is changed to Top Most Liked.
    • Previously, projects were displayed by the newest published. You can still perform this query by checking the New projects option. You can still view the Best of the week, where we rank the projects with the most likes for the current week.

  • Fixed a bug when loading projects in some languages, while improving site loading performance.

Minor improvements

  • Before the edges of the panels were completely square, now they received a rounded one to be less grotesque.
  • The game mode and server filters have been labeled "(default)" in front of the "All" option, so it is clear what Dofus Creator looks for by default when no filter is defined.
  • Now the filters will be marked in blue to make it easier to see what you have selected when searching for your projects.
  • Made some polishing in the Spanish language. The "beta" tag has been removed from the language selection.

Bug fixes

  • The "clean" button, which exists at the end of project filters, now works correctly with all fields.
  • Fixed some site-wide translations.

Final considerations

And here we have an implementation that has been promised for a long time, in fact, since Dofus Creator went live in 2020. As the saying goes, "it takes time but it doesn't fail".

Now the best projects will be displayed on the home screen, so you can always search for good projects that other people liked too.
The rating filter search is a great tool that we will refine further in the future.

Enjoy XD

19/01/2022 Ver   07/jan/2022

  • Fixed a bug that the catalog didn't reset when deleting the names of pets or mounts from the survey.
  • Legendary item elements have been color-modified in the dark theme to make it more readable
  • Improved the color of the filters field on the item catalog in the dark theme.
  • Now the pets and mountscots no longer display the conditions of use (usually it was "Subscribe")
  • Now when hovering over an item that has conditions, these conditions are more evident to the user.
  • Error prevention performed when loading items from the site.
  • Dofus Creator fully translated into Spanish!
    • Fixed missing translation of some items
    • All mounts and montascotes were translated into Spanish
    • Items' legendary statuses have also been translated.
    • All Dofus and Prismaradites have been translated
    • The training screen against Putch Ingball is completely translated into Spanish   05/jan/2022

  • Now all Dofus Creator pages work with a dark theme!
  • Neutral damage in the dark theme has now been improved on its display.
  • Incompatible items alert (displayed in red) now appears in dark theme.
  • On the projects page, the dark theme no longer displays items that don't exist, like in the center of the page (where the characters would be) and the lower left corner (in the sets button).
  • Several other small improvements to the dark theme have been made throughout the site.
  • Now when accessing a user's profile page, their name is displayed in the title of the page. The same goes for results searched on Google.
  • Fixed a bug that when opening a project with a level different from what was configured, the level would not change.
Version 1.13.0 19/dec/2021

Automatic filters and user projects

All Dofus Creator projects have automatic filters, and you will also be able to access all public projects of a user.
  • Added a new project filter identification system.
    • Now Dofus Creator will identify the elements of your project and up to 5 secondary characteristics of it. This will make all projects from now on have ratings based on their attributes, and with that, from today, all searches you do on our site will return a higher result than before, as this way a project will no longer be dependent of the user to rate it.
    • Removed the option to select the secondary characteristics of your project, this is now done automatically. However, you can still manually change your design element and game mode.
    • Before it was possible to have only one secondary characteristic defined for your project, now there can be up to 5!

  • It is now possible to open the projects profile of any player by clicking on their names, either on the projects page or in a project already open in the home screen.
    • Implemented a new system where it will now be possible to view all public projects of a user!
      Try it by accessing my profile at:
    • You also have access to your profile link within your panel. You can copy it and send it to any friend!
    • It is also possible to find a user in Dofus Creator on the projects page, just below the filter there is the button to search for users.

  • Added the damage effects of Crocobur, Corruption Pestilence, Kicked Ass Boots, and Ebony Dofus items have been added. To see them just equip any of these items and open your spells!
  • Now, when opening a project, the profile of the user who set up this project will be displayed on the upper right side of the site.
    Previously this was displayed on the left side of the page, just below our ad unit, and because it's so far below the site, many users didn't even realize who that project was. Now it will be possible to see in more detail.
  • Huppermage: added the pushback effects on spells Telluric Blade, Polarity and Runic Repulsion.
  • Sadida: changed the damage display view of Voodoo Curse spell.
  • Dofus Creator now creates a brief description of your entire project by linking it to a Facebook page or other social media.
  • The entire Dofus Creator interface is completely translated into Spanish. At this point, there are only a few punctual corrections in equipment.
  • During the month of December (and maybe a little bit of January) the Christmas theme is again displayed on the page. You can always hide it by unchecking the theme option just above the Buffs on the home page.

Minor improvements

  • Removed Streaming tab from user panel.
  • We added the achievement Collaborating Friend Medal, which will be awarded to all Dofus Cretaor users who help with bug fixes, improvements on the platform and suggestions!
  • Now several text fields on the website are automatically focused on clicking on them.
  • The "Save Project" window now better represents the value of Kamas added by Dofus Creator, as well as offering a quick gear button to configure its interface.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a small bug in project search that when filtering by class sometimes filtered "undefined"
  • Fixed Crimsom Dawn Set stats as well as Black-Spotted Dofus description and bonus.
  • Now the description of projects does not leak out of the text box on the projects pages and the panel.
  • Removed some secret achievements that shouldn't be showing up on the panel.
  • Removed option to display shortcut keys from settings menu.
  • Improved the calculation of the average price of sets that cost less than 1mk

Final considerations

This is one of those medium/large updates that Dofus Creator gets a few times a year. Because of the day-to-day chores, it's It's hard to implement new, bigger systems on the site, but whenever it comes to my vacation period I get to work on more things, like was the case with this update now.

It's worth remembering that Dofus Creator is being translated into Spanish and this has caused changes in several parts of the site when reviewing the codes, with this, the Dofus Creator platform gradually becomes more solid and robust.

See you soon with more news XD

14/12/2021 Ver &   14/dec/2021

  • Now we have cookies to remember the dark theme option of the page.
  • Another part of the Spanish translations arrived at Dofus Creator.   10/dec/2021

  • Fixed a problem with keeping user logins. Sessions now last longer (days) before being closed.
  • We've added a cookie that will store the last language you changed on our site, so you don't have to change the language any more every time you access it.
  • More translations into the Spanish language arrived.
  • We've made some changes to the site's meta tags. With that, now the links shared on social networks will follow the projects' names.

1.12.0   08/dec/2021

  • The Dofus Creator website is being completely translated into Spanish!   ¡Hola hermanos!
  • All fixes for the new 2.62 items have been applied, including HD footage.

  • Steamer: Tacturret pushback damage has been fixed and now works correctly
  • Sram: the working of the Chakra Concentration spell has been fixed and now works correctly
  • Now all spells that have unique damage, without variations, are displayed in isolation on the panel.
    Example: before, Chakra Concentration was displayed as 12 to 12 damage, now it is only displayed as 12 damage
  • The casting description of various spells have been fixed in all languages
  • There have been hundreds of fixes in English and French, mainly regarding spells, items and interface
Version 1.11.0 30/nov/2021

Update Dofus 2.62

New equipments and class modifications from version 2.62 of Dofus have arrived!

Attention   the images of the new equipment are in low resolution until the end of the beta version 2.62. As soon as the HD image becomes available on the Dofus website, we will update it here at Dofus Creator as well.

  • New equipments and sets
    Added new equipments and sets from Dofus version 2.62.
    Remember that scythes are found in the Axes category. The 10% damage bonus from the Nightmare Dofus is also available in the General Buffs tab.
    Canto do Necromante Dofus Madeira de Liche Dofus Portões de Bonta Dofus Espada Diabólica Dofus Cestus do Devastador Dofus Foice Seráfica Dofus Dofus Pesadelo Dofus
  • Classes changements
    The classes that have been modified are: Osamodas, Cra and mainly the Rogues.
    In particular, Rogues are still undergoing constant changes on the test server. Dofus Creator will be updated with new beta server changes.
  • Some weapon category icons have been changed, especially the Axe icon, it is now represented also with a Scythe (it is in this category that they also appear) Dofus Martelo e Foice Gadanha .
    If the amount of Scythes keeps increasing within the game, we will create a separate specific category for them.
  • A vertical bearing is now created for assemblies with many attributes and Dofus with a very long description, thus avoiding catalog pollution. Also, sets and Dofus are now displayed in a center line, unlike the other items which are displayed in a line at the top.
  • Fixed hundreds of translations in French items.
13/11/2021 Ver
Version 1.10.0 13/nov/2021

Platform improvements

Improvements in the use of Dofus Creator and the new Community system
  • Implemented the Flash Search system in the item catalog, where when typing the item name it will appear immediately in the catalog, without the need to click the search button or press ENTER key.
  • The permanent login system was implemented on the site. Next time you login to your account, check the option to "Keep connected".
    Due to the login system, the following clause was added in our privacy policy in the Cookies section:
    "Our cookies do not store any type of personal information about you or your account."
  • The new Community system was implemented, where Youtubers and Twitch streamers will be able to publicize their content in a way free on the Dofus Creator website.
    This system is in a test area on the Dofus Creator website for our partners to test the development of the tool, but you can now access and test this new area by clicking here (portuguese only for now).
    If you are a content producer and want to participate in this project, send an email to

Minor Improvements

  • Now when clicking on the level fields (both in the item catalog and in the project), the entire text field is automatically selected. This makes it easier to erase and enter new numbers.
  • Now when changing an item's category (such as weapon type, pet type and trophies) the search text field remains focused.
  • Added a "Buffs" button when opening the Dofus and Prismaradite catalogue. This is nothing more than a shortcut to General Buffs.
  • The Exos Items pop-up now appears a little higher up the screen, especially the Weapons Exo which was way down the center of the page.
  • The Putch Training system has been completely translated into English and French.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several icon errors in the status of various items.
  • Now the "Trophy equipped in slot X" message no longer appears when loading a project for the first time.
  • Fixed an issue where when deleting search text, some items would not return to their category. For example, after searching the name of a Dofus and clearing the search field, you were returned to the Trophies catalogue. This has also been fixed for the pet catalogue.
  • Fixed Rhineetle AP and MP reduction effects and pushback resistance

Final Considerations

A small update that will bring a lot of comfort to users of our dear Dofus Creator.

In addition, we are working on the new Community system that should show up later this year, bringing a lot of content in Dofus video, in addition to encouraging the community to continue producing and consuming this type of content!

26/10/2021 Ver   26/oct/2021

  • Dofus Creator gets into Halloween mood! And with that, a new Al Howin Tofus capture event has been added to the site.
    The event will only remain until November 2nd.
  • Added the Relouin 2021 Emblem to the achievements panel Eblema Relouin 2021 Dofus Creator
  • From now on, all your achievements are displayed after your profile picture in projects instead of just the last achievement you received.

1.9.2   15/sep/2021

  • Update 2.61: Dofus Creator has already implemented the changes!
  • Roublard:
    • The combo mechanic has been redone, just hover your cursor over the bomb combo icon ( ) and the combo panel will appear!
    • All damage, ranges and AP of spells that were modified in update 2.61 have also been implemented.
    • The organization of the panel and spells was also done in Dofus Creator. Remember that regardless of spell level, bombs always appear first in the catalog.
    • Due to Roublard's new combo mechanic, all class buffs have been removed.
    • In contrast, the Kaboom/Imposture power buff has been added.
  • Osamodas: all changes from the update have been implemented, including invocations.
  • Ouginak's Woof spell now correctly computes the fire element's damage.

1.9.1   03/sep/2021

  • Catalog item statuses are now displayed with icons!
    You can disable them in the Settings to the right of the home page.
  • From now on, the trophy catalog will remain open after equipping a new trophy, thus allowing you to finish equipping the remaining items.
    You can disable this option in the Settings to the right of the home page.
  • Some Rheneetle weren't having their stats computed correctly. This has been fixed too.
  • Removed more than 50 items that no longer exist in Dofus and the images in the catalog were wrong.
  • Fixed the status of various items in English and French languages.
Version 1.9.0 27/aug/2021

Partnetship with Dofus Creator!

Dofus Creator is adding new systens for partnerships!
  • Add a new system for partnerships, where our partners from Twitch can power on the Live ON button, on the top menu!
    Improvements will be added soon.

Small Improvements

  • An alert is now displayed when an item is equipped that exceeds the AP and AP limit according to its conditions of use.
  • Zobal: Fixed and improved the Carnival spell damage display.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where all characters' maximum health was being reduced by 50 points.
  • Now the Burning Set items are computed correctly as a set.
  • Reworked the site pushback damage previews. Some classes were showing spells with wrong values.

Final Considerations

Compared to all the other updates that Dofus Creator has had, this is the smallest of all, with less news and content.

However, this is necessary so that the site's versioning can follow new implementations, such as our new partners area and still will get several small implementations even in this version 1.9.

Thanks to all the bug reports!

06/06/2021 Ver

1.8.4   06/july/2021

  • All new equipments from 2.60 update has been fixed to the final version!   23/june/2021

  • Dofus Patch 2.60 BETA: all new items have been included and you can try them out now!
    HD images will be inserted after the beta ends.

    Item statuses will be reviewed upon completion of the beta version.
  • Now the legendary status of the items is displayed in purple color to make them stand out more.
  • There was some code polishing in some files on the site, and with that, the loading performance will be slightly faster.
  • Healing weapons:
    • The weapons' healing formula has been fully revised, and are now working correctly!
    • Weapons' healing damage is now displayed in pink color
    • The texts and the damage sum display of all cures is now better displayed on the screen
    • Also corrected the word "Cure" (instead of "Steal", as it was before) in weapons for the English and French languages.
Version 1.8.0 25/apr/2021

Train against Putch!

Make a fight simulation in real time fighting against the Putch or other players!
  • Meet the new system Training against Putch Ingball!
    The Training system simulates a real time fight against the Putch on Kanojedo. You can test the variable damages of your spells and test your critical chance for each spell!
    It's possible choose the Putch resistances for a fight simulation against a monster or player.
  • All spell modifications of the Dofus version 2.59 classes have been applied to the Dofus Creator. The site is up to date!
  • Meet the Dofus Creator Discord!
    A space where you can gather your friends and meet new people to play with, in addition to the news and bug report area
    Participar do Discord
  • The Settings menu has moved to the damage and resistance tab on the right of the page, and now it is no longer a retractable menu. On mobile version remained the same.
    This was done because the retractable settings menu was (almost literally) hidden, and as a result, many users were unaware of its existence, and in that menu there are several very useful settings that can now be better explored.
  • Added a button to Copy Link ( ) from a project on the homepage. It will be displayed whenever you are visiting a project of yours or another user and will be saved in your Ctrl + C on the keyboard.
  • The Copy Link button is also present inside your panel in the top menu of options for each project.
  • The spells melee damage identification algorithm has been redone. As a result, spell damage from some classes improved their display.
    Some spells of classes like Ecaflip, Zobal, Eliotrope and others, although some spells were melee, their damage is counted only as distance after applying the displacement effect.
  • The weapons damage and melee damage identification algorithm has been redone. Com isso alguns bugs desapareceram. Furthermore, now axes and scythes will also account for the effects of damage from a distance.
  • Fixed a bug where the final damages were being added wrong.
    This problem was identified thanks to a report from one of our users. You can send your bug report whenever you want in our Discord
  • Provisionally added (as it will be improved in the next version), the bug report button, which directs the user to our Discord Bug Report room.

Minor improvements

  • Eniripsa: added push damage to the Frightening Word and Secret Word spells; the Agonising Word spell has been added and the organization of the variants is now correct; removed the Word of Self-Sacrificing buff and added the Helping Word buff.
  • Steamer: fixed the icon of Corrosion spell.
  • Huppermago: added the power buff for elementary combinations; The spell Arcane Torrent received a very different conceptual display. In the future I intend to apply this same look to other special spells of some classes. Did you like it?
  • Sacrier: added all levels of Suffering buff.
  • Xelor: added additional damage around the target with Shadowy Beam spell.
  • Osamodas: Now Puffed Peck (from Golden Tofu) do not receive Osamodas air damage anymore.
  • Ecaflip e Zobal: due to the change in melee and ranged damage algorithms, several spells now need their damage corrected.
  • Some redundant codes have been removed and this will bring a better performance to the project creation screen.
  • The Dofus Creator social network access icons have been replaced by the Discord access button.

Bug fixes

  • All schytes in the game now react correctly with special ranged damage modifiers.
  • Removed the set option of the item Gelano Exo MP from the catalog.
  • Fixed some errors of displaying dialogues in Portuguese.

Final considerations

This update was supposed to be bigger!

In this update I would implement the system of sets Comparation , but due to lack of time I was unable to test it in every detail, so it will be for a next version which, by the way, will arrive very soon!
If you were curious to see how the comparison system is, there on our Discord I posted an image of it working for the guys to pass the feedback.

The Putch system originally (last year) was supposed to be a Dofus "mini game" here within the Dofus Creator. Unfortunately Ankama did not release the authorization to create this little game that would be really fun, I imagine, but at least it came from the Putch system. Did you like it?

29/03/2021 Ver

1.7.2   29/mar/2021

  • - Ecaflip:
    • Added the pushback damage to spells Claw of Ceangal and Ecaflip's Audacity
    • Removed the Clover buff
  • Fixed the PM retrait bonus for some weapons that was being counted as a negative status.
  • Next update: we are waiting for the arrival of version 2.59 of the Dofus to correct some weapons that have a problem, in addition to new features that will arrive on the site.

1.7.1   08/mar/2021

  • - Iop: the jump spell damage buff has been added.
  • - Huppermage:
    • Contribution spell power buff added
    • Tribute spell power buff added
    • Added the damage buff from the combination of the fire and earth elements
    • Now the Arcane Torrent spell shows the sum of the damage
  • - Foggernaut:
    • Improved the way to display Harpooner damage
    • Improved the way to display the damage of the Driller
    • The Sonar spell now displays push damage
    • Added the Recursion spell which also displays the pushback damage
    • Fixed complementary damage to the Trident spell
  • - Added the Domakuro damage buff to the list of general buffs.
  • - In the dark theme, the color tone of several components has been improved.
Version 1.7.0 05/mar/2021

Osamodas Summons and Creator Mobile!

Visualize the damage of Osamodas summons and download Dofus Creator Mobile on your smartphone!
  • Osamodas: it is now possible to view the damage from all Osamodas summons!
  • Spell Release added in especial spells list.
  • The class search filter has been refined.
    Now when filtering by a class, no more projects that have been saved for all classes are displayed. In addition, now when filtering for more of a class, only projects that contain those specific classes are displayed. In both cases, projects made for more classes may appear besides those you selected, but in a friendly way and not as wide and messy as it was before.
Dofus Creator Mobile!

We created the Dofus Creator Mobile for mobile devices and you can download it right now on your Android phone in the PlayStore! Click to download:

Attention: at the time this update was posted, the Dofus Creator Mobile item database is only translated into Portuguese. The English and French version will come soon, but you can test download it now to see if it is already working:

Minor improvements

  • Roublards: following the logic of Osamodas, Roublard bombs now appear first in class spells, regardless of level.
  • Osamodas: to make it more complete, the Frog Transformation buff has also been added which even affects the damage of summons.
  • Spell damage display improvements Propulsion (Pandawa), and now Knell (Xelor) shows the final sum of the damages.
  • Now, when unequipping a Dofus (like the Cloudy Dofus for example), its buff is automatically removed from the project.
  • Added a Gelano with a exo de MP into list items ( ). This item does not account for the set bonus.
  • Now when accessing the Dofus Creator through a mobile device for the first time, we will suggest downloading the app from the PlayStore.
  • Temporarily removed search field by name or description of filters from projects. It has some problems and will be fixed to work more refined in the next update.
  • The terms "race" have been changed to "class" on most of the site. Google doesn’t really like that kind of term, and it’s understandable.
  • Although we launched the mobile app, we also made some improvements here on the Dofus Creator website for small screen devices, such as:
    • Before, the project assembly interface was glued to the left corner of the page, now it is centered on the screen.
    • Increased the size of the unequip icons and the hammer to add Exos.
    • Added button Restart on homepage.
    • Added the button shortcut to download the App in every menu.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a mega bug where ranged weapons, such as bows and wands, that had more than one damage, exhibited the wrong calculation when sampling special damage, such as when there were shields that increased damage from a distance. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed the PM Reduction effect on the War's Halbaxe attack and the AP Reduction effect from the Servitude Scarf.

Final considerations

A much shorter update than usual, but with a great relevance, especially for Osamodas lovers.
I especially thank Raf-killer (Crocabulia) for his help with this class.
It is a personal (and ambitious) goal to make Dofus Creator the best builder out there! And for that, what I need to do is add that that no other builder has bothered to do, and now, with the display of damage from Osamodas’s summons this becomes very clear, as well as in the update where it brought the damage from the Roublards bombs. The trend is to get better and better :)

In a next update, I want to add a "mageado items" tab or something, and in that tab do as I did with the exano pm gelano prototype, however, add more items that many users commonly use, and thus make it easier and faster to set up your project with everyday items. I also think, instead, to create a "favorite items" area where you can save all the items you use most often, and then, then be able to equip them in a future project with one click. Anyway, many things come to mind now and unfortunately my time to develop all i want is limited lol.

Two other news that you can look forward to in the future: Dofus Creator Touch e Dofus Creator Archmonster. Well, the name itself says what it’s about, isn’t it? So wait for news XD

Did you like the Dofus Creator Mobile initiative? You can help a lot by downloading the app, even if you are not going to use it, and making an evaluation of it in the PlayStore, just so that the Google store can make the Dofus Creator Mobile reach more people ❤️

12/02/2021 Ver   12/02/2021

  • - Improved the way that weapon critics are displayed in the catalog, in addition, it is now informed when a weapon has no critical effects.
  • - The calculation of Final Damage effects has been completely revised and corrected, they now work correctly, both with weapons and spells and no longer influence healing.
  • - Along with the previous item, a new line has been added to the damage table that shows the final damage separately.
  • - Removed damage and special resistances (weapons, melee, spells, distance) from the right menu when they are not being used in the project..
    This is to maintain a cleaner look on that menu, as it was getting too long.
  • - Now the Dofus Vulbis and Misty bonuses are no longer doubled when opening a project where they are equipped to the character. This duplicate also happened with the buffs of some classes and has now been fixed.
  • - Ecaflip: added the power option that the cat gives in the list of buffs.
  • - Added the dagger Sacrificials Knives on weapon menu.
  • - Fixed a bug where the Painted Dofus effect was applied to the Vulbis Dofus in the French and English version of the site.

1.6.1   06/02/2021

  • - Fixed a bug in the panel mosaic and in the projects, where the icons of the prismaradites were not displayed, in addition to some Dofus and trophies.
  • - Improved the way of displaying spells that target the best element of the character.
  • - Fixed a bug where the exos of ring 1 did not appear with a bluish border in the mosaic of the user panel.
  • - Fixed a bug where sometimes the blue border of the belt exos did not show in the mosaic of the design screen.
  • - Our security certificate has been fixed, now the message "not secure" will no longer appear on certain pages.
  • - We improved access to projects via the website link. Before many people sent their projects with the url "/edit" which caused an error if the user who accessed the page did not own the project. It will not happen anymore.
  • - There were some changes in the internal structure of the site, now updates will be more frequent.
Versão 1.6.0 19/12/2020

View counter!

Find out how many visits a project has received!
  • The number of views is now displayed on the projects. This is available both when searching for public projects on the site, as well as on your panel and also when opening a project from another player.
    The view counter is reliable, as we use the Google Analytics API that brings in real time how many views (visits) a project has had since it was published.
  • We implemented a new tool that sets the average price of each item on the site. With that, now all projects have the average price Kamas quoted automatically when saving!
  • Comforts have also been added that allow Dofus Creator to remember the class and the last project you worked on the site.
    Now you don't have to keep reconfiguring a new project from scratch every time.
  • It is possible to see the average price of items in Kamas Kamas in the catalog. For that, it is necessary to activate this display option which is in the following item.
    It is important to note that the pricing of the items is based on the status it offers. This means that most of the prices are not in accordance with the total reality of the servers.
  • New Settings tab that can be found on the homepage with the button .
    In this new screen there are some interesting options that don't come enabled by default. Take a look.
  • It is now possible to filter multiple effects at once in the item catalog!
  • The item filter no longer shows equipment with negative effects from that status.
  • The item filter has been given a new look and now also displays status icons (PAPMVitalidadeForçaChance) to be easier to find.
  • When opening the catalog of items it is possible to click on the. set name to see it fully and equip it. Likewise, in the sets catalog, you can click split items to see them in isolation.
  • New   Spell Simulator tab. It can be accessed by clicking on button on the home page.
    Originally this menu was implemented at the launch of Temporis IV, then it was removed from the site, but it is so useful that I decided to leave it there for those who need it.
  • New filters for weapon damage have been added to the catalog, such as damage Danos Terra, steal Roubo Terra and Heal Curas.
  • It took a while, but now, finally, the sessions are saved on the site for longer. Now you will not need to log in every 30 minutes, sessions will last up to 30 days.
  • Due to the great growth and expansion of the Dofus Creator, a website Privacy Policy page was created. We recommend you read it.
  • The dark theme now also remains on the projects page.
    The dark theme has not been applied to all pages yet because it will be better worked on in the future.
  • The choice of servers (both when saving and filtering) has been redone, and now we have only the options for single-account and multi-account servers.
    This was done to better summarize the price of the projects as a whole, since generally the prices of mono and multi-account servers are different from each other but similar among themselves.

Patch 2.58

  • All new items in version 2.58 have been added.
    Sets Wukang, Wulin and Wulan, and separateds items like Bledger, Etymolowand, Jobimcarl Bow, Faux Netic Scythe and the rings Nomenclatu and Spilling, in addition to the Black-Spotted Dofus and its buff effect.
  • The classes were updated in the Zobals, Osamodas and Kilorf.
  • Updates to "Scythe" weapons were also applied.
    It is worth mentioning that the Scythes, here in the Dofus Creator, are part of the Axes category.
    As an addendum, the Backpacks are part of the Cloak category.
  • Updates to the items Hammerture and the Catseye and Corrupted bows were also applied.
  • The texts of the legendary items that have changed in this update have also been changed.
    Modified items: Death-Defying, Kicked Ass Boots, Corruption Pestilence, Lady Jhessica's Belt, Fallanster's Rectitude and Coroa de Bram Worldbeard's Crown.
  • The texts of the Dofus and Prismaradites that have changed in this update have also been changed, as well as their effects ivory
    Modified items: Dofus Ivory, Ebony and Sparkling Silver, and the Pryteks too.

Minor improvements

  • Rogue: added all combo buffs of the class.
  • The names of the exos in the resistances have been corrected. Now when you open a project with resistance (fixed and %) your name is displayed correctly.
    Mainly in English and French were poorly translated.
  • The scroll bars of the entire site have become more cute and modern ❤️
  • It is not possible to insert more than 398 points in an element in the status distribution (995 vitality and 391 wisdom).
    This done to prevent the site crash by some users ...coff coff JP Carreirinha
  • The mobile version has been adjusted to display the Settings button as well.
  • Added the X key shortcut that shows all the interface shortcuts.
  • The confirmation message when changing the theme (light / dark) was translated into Portuguese and French.
  • Visual improvement in the display of the damage of some weapons in the English and French versions of the website.
  • Fixed several small pieces of text across the platform, mainly in French and English.
  • Added reCAPTCHA on the login and registration pages to improve the security of the site and users.

Bug fixes

  • Rogue buffs now correctly count bomb damage.
  • Now all backpacks appear in the search correctly.
  • Now the resistances do not exceed 50% and summons cannot be less than 1.
  • The PA (12) and PM (6) limiters have also been adjusted to work correctly in all cases.
  • Fixed a bug where it did not filter items with critical resistance.
  • Fixed a bug where saving projects with the Dofus Vulbis doubled the project's buff.
  • Fixed a bug where filtering the elements of some weapons caused them to duplicate in the catalog.
  • Fixed a bug that when changing the class of a project, some statuses such as prospecting, retrait, parry, dodge and lock were reset.
  • Fixed a bug that did not filter projects in the PvP game mode.
  • Fixed a bug where item search did not work correctly on the English and French versions of the site.
  • Fixed the items corresponding to the War, Corruption, Servitude and Misery sets in the English and French versions of the website.
  • Fixed a bug that sent the message "account already registered" to users trying to create new accounts on the site.

Final considerations

As always, I try to bring innovations to the Dofus Creator website of things I always wanted to see on other sites and never found. One of them is to be able to see if the projects of the sites are well visited or not, as well as to be able to see better how much a project costs for be assembled. It is clear that the price calculation is a little out of reality, but it is already a start for an average quote.

This update would also bring damage to the invocations of Osamodas (just as it was done with Roublad bombs), but with update 2.58 many spells of the class have been modified and have also affected their summons, so, dear Osamodas players, this implementation will stay for the future.

Many of the implementations made in this update came from user suggestions. If you want to send your suggestion, just contact, I will be happy to receive them :)

Next update

For a next version I intend to work better on a feature that was abandoned on the site: the achievements.
I want to continue doing more events on the Dofus Creator website and the best way to reward players is through medals and trophies.

New pages are also being designed on the website, such as the Brumen Laboratory, User Ranking and also the search and display of Dofus Creator user profiles.

Wait for surprises XD

20/11/2020 Ver >   20/11/2020

  • - Exporadic bug fixes on the website.
Versão 1.5.0 25/09/2020

Price Filters!

The project filters have been improved, find everything you want!
  • Price Filters! It is now possible, when saving a project, to inform the average price in millions (mk) that the equipment cost, and consequently this project can be filtered in the search for price between minimum and maximum values. Now it's easy to find projects that fit your budget!
    Remembering that we encourage players not to take into account the prices of Dofus, trophies and prismadites.
  • Along with the item above, it is also possible to save and filter projects by server.
    This filter is directly linked to the project price, as we know that the savings for each server is different, however, you can also search for projects only by server without taking into account their price. This is useful for new servers like Jahash (and future new servers that may appear) where not all items are available to players.
  • Also thinking about making the search field by project name more useful and efficient, this field has become a Search by name or description and now in addition to finding projects by name , it can also find pieces of text and words that it may contain in comments and observations of projects saved by users.
  • When opening a player's project, the project price and tags are displayed next to the user information card in the left corner of the screen.
  • When filtering projects by an element, exactly that chosen filter is now displayed instead of showing all projects that include it.
    Example: before, filtering elements by Strength would also found Strength / Agility . It will not happen anymore.
  • All 2.57 items and sets have been added!
    Added items: Slayspirit Headband, Jiangshi-Nobi Mortuary Bag, Tomb Geta, Mist Boots, Tsukinoichi Belt, Onigori Belt, Slayoover Tank, Koumiho Ring, Yokomainu Shield, Slayspirit Katana, Musamune, Dorigami.
  • Class modifications:
    Sadida: the damage of the Prickly Embers spell has been adapted and simplified according to the changes in version 2.57.
    Sacrier: the Torture spell now correctly displays damage to the Earth element and its minimum and maximum damage has been corrected, and also, the Mutilation buff has its power bonus corrected.
  • Now when equipping the Cloudy Dofus, Sparkling Silver Dofus (which has now been added to the catalog) or the Vulbis Dofus, your final damage increases are automatically added to the project's buff list. If you don't want them just remove them like any other buff.
  • The function of combining sets has left its "beta" phase and is now working correctly, mainly the partial combining function now finds all sets. Enjoy!
  • Added a menu shortcut for the Retro version of Dofus Creator. If you haven’t visited the retro version yet, meet here!

Minor improvements

  • The negative effects of the items are now highlighted in red. The same is true for information balloons for items equipped when hovering.
  • Weapon damage now becomes colored in information balloons for equipped items.
  • The name of the set that the weapons and pets now belong to is displayed in a smaller font, just as the equipment is.
  • Improved spacing and display of domain information with a weapon in the spell tab
  • Some minor graphic improvements to icons and some text fields throughout the site.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that, when logged in the mobile version, the "Panel" button did not appear.
  • Fixed a serious bug where Critical Damage was not being counted in weapons or general spells.
  • Corrected the color of neutral weapon damage in the Portuguese version, it is now correctly displayed in gray.
  • Fixed a bug where no set was displayed after filtering them in effect on the English and French versions of the site.
  • Fixed a bug where new items from update 2.56 appeared first in the item search regardless of the level order in the English and French versions of the site.
  • Fixed some French and English translations throughout the site.

Final considerations

This was a very short update (and very quick to do), but it brought some new features to the Dofus Creator that will greatly improve users' usability with the platform. The idea was to strengthen one of the things that makes Dofus Creator unique, which is its project filter that no other builder has, besides of course, also improving the use of the platform and taking advantage of this wonderful tool for the development of your projects. I hope you enjoy.

In fact, all implementations that were not about the search filter came from Dofus Creator Retro during its development phase. While I was developing it, I added some things that were not here and wrote it down. In the end, just a few Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V were here and everything was ready; but that is not a reason for you to think that the life of dev is easy, as Dofus Creator Retro took 2 weeks to be ready even using all the base sources of the original Dofus Creator. It is even worth knowing if you haven't already :)

Next update

In the past update I had speculated that this update now would bring the mobile version of Creator, and as you can see, it didn't happen. This is because I started the Dofus Creator Retro project right in the middle of the road, so I will wait for when to launch the mobile version of the official Dofus Creator, also come with him the Dofus Creator Retro.
With everything in order and if nothing goes wrong, the next update will bring Dofus Creator Mobile to the PlayStore. Let's hope 😄

01/09/2020 Ver 1.4.2

1.4.1   08/22/2020

  • - The Community Posts page has been removed from the top menu and footer.
    It was a great idea that unfortunately didn't work. The page will continue to exist here, but it will no longer have its evidence.
  • - Fixed a bug with item exos after working with exos on weapons.
  • - Fixed some minor bugs in the new items in update 2.56
  • - Fixed some translation errors in French and English on the interface and some items.
  • - Dozens of other small bugs fixed.
  • - We now have a new space in the footer for the dissemination of videos and streams from Dofus content producers. If you are part of this group and want to divulge for free your work on Dofus Creator, get in contact with us!
Version 1.4.0 07/17/2020

Community Posts!

Innovation in the Dofus scenario: get to know the Community Posts!
  • Community Posts are here! You can see them here . Users can create posts that will last 24 hours for the purpose of commerce, group or any other general interest related to Dofus! See the rules , understand how it works and be sure to participate!
  • Finally! You insisted, you begged, you pleaded (and with good reason) and we finally brought: the effects filters of the items arrived! When opening any catalog of items it is possible to filter by their effect right in the top menu next to the search field by name.
  • Changes to the home page interface! See the details:
    • The left navigation menu no longer exists
    • Save project and display spells are now in a new top menu
    • To open your character's characteristics now just move your cursor over the left menu's statistics table
    • To change race just click the character's image in the center of the screen
    • The reset, hotkeys and theme color change menus are now suppressed in the new top menu and are displayed by clicking on the gears
    • Do you prefer the dark theme? Just try pressing the D key and everything will magically change
    • Notifications and warnings have been removed from the top menu and are now in the footer
    • The footer also shows the most recent publication of Community Posts
  • Along with the previous item, the home page interface for small screens (cell phones, tablets) has become more friendly and several bugs have been fixed.
  • It is now possible to add images to your profile! They will be displayed in your posts and also above your name in projects. Access your profile to choose your avatar :D
  • It is now possible to add all types of exo to items!
  • In addition, the exos interface has changed and has become more intuitive to adapt to the changes.
  • The maximum number of projects saved per account has been increased from 30 to 100.
  • In the user panel where your projects are located, the "Edit project" button has been changed to "Make Copy", and now, when clicking on the project mosaic, the user is directed to the editing page.
    This is a change to improve the understanding of the use of the platform, because before the user clicked on the project with the intention of editing, but in fact he was making a copy (or fork, which we changed the name in the previous update), and for to edit a project it was necessary to click on the edit button. Now these features have been reversed, making it more intuitive for users.
  • All Dofus version 2.56 class and items modifications have now arrived in the Dofus Creator!
  • Prismaradites arrived at the Dofus Creator! And with them it is also possible to add your effect bonuses in the Buffs tab by clicking on the "Others" button.
  • From now on, all effects of character buffs, dofus and prismaradites are saved together with the project if the option "Buffs" is checked in the project's save settings (top right, which is already selected by default).
  • ALERT: we updated the security of encryption of Dofus Creator account passwords to a more secure and modern method. When accessing your panel for the first time from this version 1.4 onwards, you will need to change your password. If you want, you can change your password to the same password you are already using now, this will ensure that your current password is encrypted and will remain secure.
    Accounts that do not update their passwords by August 31 will be automatically deleted from the system.

Beta Test

The items below are already available (or not) in this update, however they are in an open beta phase where users can already go testing and reporting their bugs. These items can change at any time.
  • Added Combinations function in the set catalog. When you click this button, Dofus Creator will search for all the sets that can fit the items you have available in your project!
    The Complete button will display only the complete sets that might fit your project, while Partial shows the sets where at least two pieces can match. Try it!
    In addition, about 144 sets were corrected. Learn more section of bug fixes.
  • Adding your own images and GIFs from your computer to your account profile image has been removed in the final closed beta phase of this release. For now, this feature will be disabled and only a few authorized users can use it.
  • The time that the Dofus Creator keeps configuring the dark theme, the website language and also your active user account without having to log in has been increased. These settings are in beta, it may not always work.
  • We are reassembling the page's ad structure. It is through it that the Dofus Creator can stay in the air. It may be that at times the interface gets messy or that ads appear in strange places. Along with this there may be the possibility of blocking and messages to users using AdBlock.
  • We are aware about the bug that occurs in ring mage when there are two identical rings. We tried to fix this update but this is an issue where the hole is much lower. We partially solved this bug in the beta version, but we still have some problems that may affect other projects in the final version, and because of that we will postpone it for a while longer. Possibly this fix should arrive before the next patch (1.5), we just need a little more time.

Corrections to the Dofus 2.54 version

  • All Prismaradites from update 2.54 have been added to the catalog!
  • Some items of the 2.54 update went unnoticed and have already been added, they are:
        - Servitude's Embrace, Corruption Pestilence, War's Halbaxe, Misery's Flail-Scale

Minor improvements

  • The full number of projects is now displayed on the projects page instead of locking to 99+
  • A confirmation message is triggered when changing the theme of the home page making it clear that your project will be lost if it is not saved.
  • Complementing the change in saving projects, now the "Save Project" button is adaptable to the situation, being "Make Copy" for projects that you want to copy or take from other players and "Save Edition" for projects that you opened in format edition.
  • It is now possible to choose the bonus accumulation number for the Purple and Turquoise Dofus, instead of adding several 1% bonuses to achieve the desired effect.
  • Percentage-based resistances are now given the character % in front of their value.
  • Now when selecting Dofus or Prismaradites in the trophy catalog, a message is displayed informing you that it is possible to add your bonuses in the Buffs tab of the home page. In addition, the "Dofus" button has been renamed "Other" and its icon has also been changed.
  • From now on, only the race buffs are removed from the project when changing the project race, the Dofus buffs remain and the prismaradites too.
  • Now that the Community Posts publicly display the account username (the projects already did too), a newsletter on the sign-up page has been added, advising new users that they do not register their username that they use to connect to their Dofus accounts.
    To registered users: if you already have a registration and feel hurt by not being able to change your username on the panel, send an email to requesting the change, informing your current username, registered email and the new username you want.
  • Some details of the dark theme have been darkened a little more.
  • On small screens (smartphones, tablets) spells fit better on the screen, are much more organized and less polluted.

Bug fixes

  • Several bugs in the effects of the items in update 5.24 were fixed, such as resistances that did not work, erroneous translations and other small problems that hindered the project's results. See the tidy items:
        - Corruption's Brambelt, Misery's Treads, Servitude's Dora, War's Treads, Misery's Girdle
  • The level of 144 sets has been corrected, and with this, in addition to now correctly displaying the level of use of sets by searching for level, also several sets that did not appear in the catalog before (as if they did not exist) are now shown correctly, as for example the Turtle set (widely used by low lv) only appeared by typing in the search and its level was computed as 0 (wtf?).
  • Fixed a bug that left special damage (distance, weapons, melee) as NaN%
  • Fixed a bug that when saving a project without selecting a race it was never loaded
  • English: 132 item translation fixess
  • French: corrections in the translation of 109 items
  • Removed the filter option for recent projects, because regardless of whether this option is checked or not, the most recent projects are always displayed first.
  • The pop-up close button in the mobile version has been fixed. On some screens he appeared "cut". It bothered me for a long time but I always forgot to change. This bug is so small that it is not relevant to be here, but this is a personal conscience release. I feel good now, thanks 🙃

Final considerations

Finally I was able to bring Dofus Creator the beginning of one of my idealizations for this platform from the beginning: the creation of a social network for Dofus players .
There are already several Dofus builders out there, and I am very grateful to those who give preference to the Dofus Creator, but one of the innovations I intend to implement here on our website is to make a community. Most games already do this, but the Dofus being a "closed" game globally, where most players come from France, Spain and Brazil/Portugal, I feel this need to do something that can bring all players together in a unique digital environment.
The next step to make this idealization grand is to finally add to the projects a means of interaction by other users, such as likes and comments, but in the meantime I say that you, users, can be carefree that very soon will come, and just like the Community posts, lots of innovation surprises will arrive as well. This is one of the implementations that ask me the most, and I was second only to the filter of the effects of items that arrived and everyone can enjoy!
For those who don't know, (almost) every day of June, the Facebook page of the Dofus Creator was creating new posts for each of the news in this new update, whoever follows the page already knew everything that was to come. So this is an invitation for you:
Follow Dofus Creator on Facebook
Special thanks go to Illyzaele's Kriegers guild. You are awesome ❤️

Great news will come to the Dofus Creator very soon!
Continue accessing our website, which is done with great care from player to player, send your feedback , report and suggestions (I read them all!), And mainly, sharing with friends.

Next update

In a nutshell, let's say that the next update to the Dofus Creator will be geared almost exclusively to mobile devices, and you also won't need an internet connection to work.
You can deduce several possibilities for the sentence above. Are you correct?
Wait for the next surprises 😄

24/06/2020 Ver

Version   06/24/2020

  • - Removed the Temporis server spell tab from the left menu on the home page.
  • - Removed the Facebook notifications button from the top menu.
  • - The text on the "Save Fork" button has been replaced by "Make Copy" so as not to confuse players. The icon has been changed too.
    Attetion: the button continues to work the same way.
  • - In the change language tab, the text "Português (Brasil)" was changed to "Portuguese" only.
    The translation continues in the Brazilian Portuguese language, but we love you, Portugual ❤️

Version 1.3.2   05/20/2020

  • - Fixed a bug where scrolls were not saved in projects.
  • - The weapons catalog now displays APs, uses per turn, and critical hits.
  • - Fixed a bug where the negative effect of some items was applied as a positive effect.
  • - Now it is possible to change the project level directly from the homepage, without having to open the characteristics screen.
  • - Fixed a bug that sometimes did not show items in the catalog.
  • - Removed the block that sometimes occurred when navigating very quickly between the pages of the sites.
  • - The "Others" button on the homepage (next to the character's buff effects) has been renamed to "Dofus" and the icon has been changed. Some users did not notice this new feature that was already added in the 1.3.0 update.

Version 1.3.1   04/23/2020

  • Cra: Slaughteing Arrow now displays critical damage correctly.
  • Foggernaut: Vapour now displays fire damage correctly.
Version 1.3.0 04/19/2020

Dofus effects and enhancements!

It is now possible to add the effects of the Dofus to your project and also the weapon skill, see:
  • Added a new tab on the home screen, next to the character's buffs, where you can add the effects of the Dofus!
  • Now the weapon damage demonstration has already added the effect of Weapon Skill , being possible to disable it.
    Believe it or not, only now, after half a year of platform development, I realized that this effect was missing.
  • Neutral damage from spells and weapons was reviewed, for some reason only half of the damage was being counted. Now everything has been fixed.
  • Sacrier: all changes from version have been applied, the race is now updated and the subsequent bugs have been fixed.
  • The Power filter has been added for the secondary characteristics of the projects.
  • Also implemented the option to add exo mage of Power and Initiative in the items.
  • The website URL now accepts addresses in English and French, as and
  • The Jahash Build Challenge medals have already been distributed to the winners! Check them out here.

Bug fixes

  • Pandawa: the Melancholy spell displays correctly the water element damage.
  • Now when editing another user's project, the minimum level of the item catalog is changed according to the level of the project, instead of always staying at 180.
  • Fixed the Sirocco and Brulay petsmount that had the wrong effects.
  • Fixed a bug that after browsing a few pages of the site, the number of projects displayed was over 10 and made the page become giant.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes the user was directed to error page 500 when accessing projects through the panel.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the project from loading when there were two identical rings from the same set equipped. You shouldn't be equipping them, but we're not going to stop you from doing that if you want to.

Minor improvements

  • Now the default filter for projects is from level 1 to 200, instead of 200 to 200 as it was before.
  • The limit for displaying the number of pages of the projects is no longer 10, but 5.
  • The exo mage resistance received the % to make it clearer.
  • Project cards have now become links, so you can interact with the right mouse button and open new tabs by clicking the middle button.
  • Now the search field no longer receives automatic focus when opening the catalog of items on mobile devices.

Final considerations:

Version 1.3.2 on 05/20/2020

The new version 1.3.2 brought corrections for some bugs of the platform that the users had already been reporting for some time, and additionally brought some small news and improvements in the platform.
This update (1.3.2) should be version 1.4.0 that would bring the item's effects filter. In fact, the item effect filter is already ready, but it needs some polishing and corrections before it is officially implemented in the platform, so it will arrive in a future update.

Version 1.3.0 on 04/19/2020

This version came with less news than previous patches, however, it brought several bugfixes that make the platform more stable and reliable.
I inform you that the next version of the platform can take a long time to be implemented. At the moment, as an independent developer, I have other projects to start and finish development, as version 1.3.0 of Dofus Creator marks a milestone completion of platform development.
This does not mean that the site will no longer be updated, on the contrary, new implementations will come, but they may take longer.

For the next update (1.4.0), according to numerous requests from users, the item filter will be added. As such, you, the user, will be able to filter the items by the type of effect it has. And just as it was idealized by me at the beginning of the development of the Dofus Creator, I want to make it a social network for Dofus players, so I will bring more functions like comments, likes on projects, chat, views counter, profile photos, among others.
Wait for the news!

05/04/2020 Ver

Version 1.2.2   05/04/2020

  • - New tab for simulating spells for the Temporis server! Available while Temporis IV is online.
  • - There was a small and significant performance improvement on the home page.
  • - Now the warnings in the top menu are translated into all languages.
  • - The French flag has been corrected, sorry for confusing it with the Dutch flag.
  • - Fixed the effects of items Slobberpuss' Collar and Misery's Greed.
  • - The English translation of the items of Horsemen of the Eliocalypse has been fixed.
  • - Improved pop-ups for mobile devices.
  •   01/04/2020
    • Olyst arrived! And they will be available until April 3rd.
  •   23/03/2020
    • - It is now possible to access your private projects without having to edit them.
  •   22/03/2020
    • - Fixed a bug where the first equipped ring did not display the exo color.
    • - The distance-stealing (shield) formula for weapons was in error. Got corrected.
Version 1.2.0 21/03/2020

Project save and sharing has arrived!

One of the great promises of the platform since its beta launch is finally available to all players, get to know the news:
  • That's right, ladies and gentlemen, it is now possible to save your projects!
  • Project research area is also available, find and share your projects and projects from other users!
  • Now the connected user has access to his panel, where he can see his saved projects, edit, delete and change his password.
  • The beta reward has arrived and is displayed just below your name in published projects. Now everyone knows you're a veteran!
  • Messages and notification buttons have been added to the top menu. That way our team can communicate better with you, the user, throughout the development of new versions.
  • We have a new logo! Did you like it?

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a big bug in the damage formula for spells and weapons that displayed a slightly higher value than they should be, and that persisted since the beta version of the platform. Some players they had already reported it, but we couldn't find where it came from.
  • Fixed a bug that when unequipping or changing a maged weapon, the effect of the mage was not removed.
  • Fixed a bug where the mage sometimes changed the element of the weapon even without neutral damage.
  • Fixed list of spells and Steamer variants. Sorry about it, Steamer's Lovers.
  • Now the social media shortcut buttons in the footer are working.

Small improvements

  • When changing the race of the project, an icon of the new race is displayed in the left menu button.
  • Sadida: Inoculation, Bane and Force of Nature now display complementary damage.
  • The French and English languages ​​have reached the end of their beta phase. The Spanish button has been temporarily removed.
  • Added our contact email at the end of the footer.

Final considerations:

Unfortunately due to problems like coronavirus this update had to be completed with urgency, and some elements were missing, such as the question of saving projects as a favorite, other achievements and others small details like inserting user profile picture, etc.
These items will be delivered in an upcoming update.
We hope that this bad phase will end soon, meanwhile, stay at home playing and continue using the Dofus Creator to assembling your projects. See you soon!

26/02/2020 Ver 1.1.0
  • The home page has been completely redesigned!
  • Along with the item above, it is now possible to access some menus using shortcut keys on the keyboard. On the home screen press X to see them.
  • A login page was added to the site. It is clearer what we are developing for the future of the platform.
  • The spells (press S on the home page) are now displayed side by side with their variants. Much better, isn't it?

Bug Fixes

  • Several items that were in the wrong status have been fixed.
  • Points invested in Agility increase the Lock and Dodge (1 to 10).
  • Points invested in Wisdom increase Parry/Reduction AP/MP (1 to 10).
  • Fixed an interface issue in the characteristics fields for Mozilla Firefox users.
  • Critical damage is now counted correctly in the damage preview.
28/01/2020 Ver 1.0.0
  • The Dofus Creator now can be accessed in English and French!
    Pronto podrás acceder al idioma español ¡no te hemos olvidado, lindos!
  • Added dark theme ! Find the button to switch between modes just above the left menu of character statistics.
  • Added the new items and missing sets from version 2.54 of the Dofus!
  • Along with the previous item we have two new pages on the site which are projects and register .
  • We had a makeover on the release notes and contact pages. The website now has a top navigation menu.
  • We added a pre-registration form on the website for the next update. Users who pre-register will receive a gift as soon as the next update comes out. Register here and learn more about the next update here .
  • Meet our social networks! Facebook e Youtube.

Bug fixes

  • Added a lot of sets and their respective items that were not being displayed in the catalog.
  • Fixed a bug where Ebony Dofus and Ivory Dofus did not appear for choice in the Dofus catalog.
  • Weapons that cause loss of AP to attack now do not account for AP reduction in project characteristics.
  • Adjusted some spells that were out of date.

- View beta release notes (only portuguese):