Release notes

Dofus: 2.56.1

Version 1.4.0 17/07/2020

Community Posts!

Innovation in the Dofus scenario: get to know the Community Posts!
  • Community Posts are here! You can see them here . Users can create posts that will last 24 hours for the purpose of commerce, group or any other general interest related to Dofus! See the rules , understand how it works and be sure to participate!
  • Finally! You insisted, you begged, you pleaded (and with good reason) and we finally brought: the effects filters of the items arrived! When opening any catalog of items it is possible to filter by their effect right in the top menu next to the search field by name.
  • Changes to the home page interface! See the details:
    • The left navigation menu no longer exists
    • Save project and display spells are now in a new top menu
    • To open your character's characteristics now just move your cursor over the left menu's statistics table
    • To change race just click the character's image in the center of the screen
    • The reset, hotkeys and theme color change menus are now suppressed in the new top menu and are displayed by clicking on the gears
    • Do you prefer the dark theme? Just try pressing the D key and everything will magically change
    • Notifications and warnings have been removed from the top menu and are now in the footer
    • The footer also shows the most recent publication of Community Posts
  • Along with the previous item, the home page interface for small screens (cell phones, tablets) has become more friendly and several bugs have been fixed.
  • It is now possible to add images to your profile! They will be displayed in your posts and also above your name in projects. Access your profile to choose your avatar :D
  • It is now possible to add all types of exo to items!
  • In addition, the exos interface has changed and has become more intuitive to adapt to the changes.
  • The maximum number of projects saved per account has been increased from 30 to 100.
  • In the user panel where your projects are located, the "Edit project" button has been changed to "Make Copy", and now, when clicking on the project mosaic, the user is directed to the editing page.
    This is a change to improve the understanding of the use of the platform, because before the user clicked on the project with the intention of editing, but in fact he was making a copy (or fork, which we changed the name in the previous update), and for to edit a project it was necessary to click on the edit button. Now these features have been reversed, making it more intuitive for users.
  • All Dofus version 2.56 class and items modifications have now arrived in the Dofus Creator!
  • Prismaradites arrived at the Dofus Creator! And with them it is also possible to add your effect bonuses in the Buffs tab by clicking on the "Others" button.
  • From now on, all effects of character buffs, dofus and prismaradites are saved together with the project if the option "Buffs" is checked in the project's save settings (top right, which is already selected by default).
  • ALERT: we updated the security of encryption of Dofus Creator account passwords to a more secure and modern method. When accessing your panel for the first time from this version 1.4 onwards, you will need to change your password. If you want, you can change your password to the same password you are already using now, this will ensure that your current password is encrypted and will remain secure.
    Accounts that do not update their passwords by August 31 will be automatically deleted from the system.

Beta Test

The items below are already available (or not) in this update, however they are in an open beta phase where users can already go testing and reporting their bugs. These items can change at any time.
  • Added Combinations function in the set catalog. When you click this button, Dofus Creator will search for all the sets that can fit the items you have available in your project!
    The Complete button will display only the complete sets that might fit your project, while Partial shows the sets where at least two pieces can match. Try it!
    In addition, about 144 sets were corrected. Learn more section of bug fixes.
  • Adding your own images and GIFs from your computer to your account profile image has been removed in the final closed beta phase of this release. For now, this feature will be disabled and only a few authorized users can use it.
  • The time that the Dofus Creator keeps configuring the dark theme, the website language and also your active user account without having to log in has been increased. These settings are in beta, it may not always work.
  • We are reassembling the page's ad structure. It is through it that the Dofus Creator can stay in the air. It may be that at times the interface gets messy or that ads appear in strange places. Along with this there may be the possibility of blocking and messages to users using AdBlock.
  • We are aware about the bug that occurs in ring mage when there are two identical rings. We tried to fix this update but this is an issue where the hole is much lower. We partially solved this bug in the beta version, but we still have some problems that may affect other projects in the final version, and because of that we will postpone it for a while longer. Possibly this fix should arrive before the next patch (1.5), we just need a little more time.

Corrections to the Dofus 2.54 version

  • All Prismaradites from update 2.54 have been added to the catalog!
  • Some items of the 2.54 update went unnoticed and have already been added, they are:
        - Servitude's Embrace, Corruption Pestilence, War's Halbaxe, Misery's Flail-Scale

Minor improvements

  • The full number of projects is now displayed on the projects page instead of locking to 99+
  • A confirmation message is triggered when changing the theme of the home page making it clear that your project will be lost if it is not saved.
  • Complementing the change in saving projects, now the "Save Project" button is adaptable to the situation, being "Make Copy" for projects that you want to copy or take from other players and "Save Edition" for projects that you opened in format edition.
  • It is now possible to choose the bonus accumulation number for the Purple and Turquoise Dofus, instead of adding several 1% bonuses to achieve the desired effect.
  • Percentage-based resistances are now given the character % in front of their value.
  • Now when selecting Dofus or Prismaradites in the trophy catalog, a message is displayed informing you that it is possible to add your bonuses in the Buffs tab of the home page. In addition, the "Dofus" button has been renamed "Other" and its icon has also been changed.
  • From now on, only the race buffs are removed from the project when changing the project race, the Dofus buffs remain and the prismaradites too.
  • Now that the Community Posts publicly display the account username (the projects already did too), a newsletter on the sign-up page has been added, advising new users that they do not register their username that they use to connect to their Dofus accounts.
    To registered users: if you already have a registration and feel hurt by not being able to change your username on the panel, send an email to [email protected] requesting the change, informing your current username, registered email and the new username you want.
  • Some details of the dark theme have been darkened a little more.
  • On small screens (smartphones, tablets) spells fit better on the screen, are much more organized and less polluted.

Bug fixes

  • Several bugs in the effects of the items in update 5.24 were fixed, such as resistances that did not work, erroneous translations and other small problems that hindered the project's results. See the tidy items:
        - Corruption's Brambelt, Misery's Treads, Servitude's Dora, War's Treads, Misery's Girdle
  • The level of 144 sets has been corrected, and with this, in addition to now correctly displaying the level of use of sets by searching for level, also several sets that did not appear in the catalog before (as if they did not exist) are now shown correctly, as for example the Turtle set (widely used by low lv) only appeared by typing in the search and its level was computed as 0 (wtf?).
  • Fixed a bug that left special damage (distance, weapons, melee) as NaN%
  • Fixed a bug that when saving a project without selecting a race it was never loaded
  • English: 132 item translation fixess
  • French: corrections in the translation of 109 items
  • Removed the filter option for recent projects, because regardless of whether this option is checked or not, the most recent projects are always displayed first.
  • The pop-up close button in the mobile version has been fixed. On some screens he appeared "cut". It bothered me for a long time but I always forgot to change. This bug is so small that it is not relevant to be here, but this is a personal conscience release. I feel good now, thanks 🙃

Final considerations

Finally I was able to bring Dofus Creator the beginning of one of my idealizations for this platform from the beginning: the creation of a social network for Dofus players .
There are already several Dofus builders out there, and I am very grateful to those who give preference to the Dofus Creator, but one of the innovations I intend to implement here on our website is to make a community. Most games already do this, but the Dofus being a "closed" game globally, where most players come from France, Spain and Brazil/Portugal, I feel this need to do something that can bring all players together in a unique digital environment.
The next step to make this idealization grand is to finally add to the projects a means of interaction by other users, such as likes and comments, but in the meantime I say that you, users, can be carefree that very soon will come, and just like the Community posts, lots of innovation surprises will arrive as well. This is one of the implementations that ask me the most, and I was second only to the filter of the effects of items that arrived and everyone can enjoy!
For those who don't know, (almost) every day of June, the Facebook page of the Dofus Creator was creating new posts for each of the news in this new update, whoever follows the page already knew everything that was to come. So this is an invitation for you:
Follow Dofus Creator on Facebook
Special thanks go to Illyzaele's Kriegers guild. You are awesome ❤️

Great news will come to the Dofus Creator very soon!
Continue accessing our website, which is done with great care from player to player, send your feedback , report and suggestions (I read them all!), And mainly, sharing with friends.

Next update

In a nutshell, let's say that the next update to the Dofus Creator will be geared almost exclusively to mobile devices, and you also won't need an internet connection to work.
You can deduce several possibilities for the sentence above. Are you correct?
Wait for the next surprises 😄

Previous versions:

24/06/2020 Ver

Version   06/24/2020

  • - Removed the Temporis server spell tab from the left menu on the home page.
  • - Removed the Facebook notifications button from the top menu.
  • - The text on the "Save Fork" button has been replaced by "Make Copy" so as not to confuse players. The icon has been changed too.
    Attetion: the button continues to work the same way.
  • - In the change language tab, the text "Português (Brasil)" was changed to "Portuguese" only.
    The translation continues in the Brazilian Portuguese language, but we love you, Portugual ❤️

Version 1.3.2   05/20/2020

  • - Fixed a bug where scrolls were not saved in projects.
  • - The weapons catalog now displays APs, uses per turn, and critical hits.
  • - Fixed a bug where the negative effect of some items was applied as a positive effect.
  • - Now it is possible to change the project level directly from the homepage, without having to open the characteristics screen.
  • - Fixed a bug that sometimes did not show items in the catalog.
  • - Removed the block that sometimes occurred when navigating very quickly between the pages of the sites.
  • - The "Others" button on the homepage (next to the character's buff effects) has been renamed to "Dofus" and the icon has been changed. Some users did not notice this new feature that was already added in the 1.3.0 update.

Version 1.3.1   04/23/2020

  • Cra: Slaughteing Arrow now displays critical damage correctly.
  • Foggernaut: Vapour now displays fire damage correctly.
Version 1.3.0 04/19/2020

Dofus effects and enhancements!

It is now possible to add the effects of the Dofus to your project and also the weapon skill, see:
  • Added a new tab on the home screen, next to the character's buffs, where you can add the effects of the Dofus!
  • Now the weapon damage demonstration has already added the effect of Weapon Skill , being possible to disable it.
    Believe it or not, only now, after half a year of platform development, I realized that this effect was missing.
  • Neutral damage from spells and weapons was reviewed, for some reason only half of the damage was being counted. Now everything has been fixed.
  • Sacrier: all changes from version have been applied, the race is now updated and the subsequent bugs have been fixed.
  • The Power filter has been added for the secondary characteristics of the projects.
  • Also implemented the option to add exo mage of Power and Initiative in the items.
  • The website URL now accepts addresses in English and French, as and
  • The Jahash Build Challenge medals have already been distributed to the winners! Check them out here.

Bug fixes

  • Pandawa: the Melancholy spell displays correctly the water element damage.
  • Now when editing another user's project, the minimum level of the item catalog is changed according to the level of the project, instead of always staying at 180.
  • Fixed the Sirocco and Brulay petsmount that had the wrong effects.
  • Fixed a bug that after browsing a few pages of the site, the number of projects displayed was over 10 and made the page become giant.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes the user was directed to error page 500 when accessing projects through the panel.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the project from loading when there were two identical rings from the same set equipped. You shouldn't be equipping them, but we're not going to stop you from doing that if you want to.

Minor improvements

  • Now the default filter for projects is from level 1 to 200, instead of 200 to 200 as it was before.
  • The limit for displaying the number of pages of the projects is no longer 10, but 5.
  • The exo mage resistance received the % to make it clearer.
  • Project cards have now become links, so you can interact with the right mouse button and open new tabs by clicking the middle button.
  • Now the search field no longer receives automatic focus when opening the catalog of items on mobile devices.

Final considerations:

Version 1.3.2 on 05/20/2020

The new version 1.3.2 brought corrections for some bugs of the platform that the users had already been reporting for some time, and additionally brought some small news and improvements in the platform.
This update (1.3.2) should be version 1.4.0 that would bring the item's effects filter. In fact, the item effect filter is already ready, but it needs some polishing and corrections before it is officially implemented in the platform, so it will arrive in a future update.

Version 1.3.0 on 04/19/2020

This version came with less news than previous patches, however, it brought several bugfixes that make the platform more stable and reliable.
I inform you that the next version of the platform can take a long time to be implemented. At the moment, as an independent developer, I have other projects to start and finish development, as version 1.3.0 of Dofus Creator marks a milestone completion of platform development.
This does not mean that the site will no longer be updated, on the contrary, new implementations will come, but they may take longer.

For the next update (1.4.0), according to numerous requests from users, the item filter will be added. As such, you, the user, will be able to filter the items by the type of effect it has. And just as it was idealized by me at the beginning of the development of the Dofus Creator, I want to make it a social network for Dofus players, so I will bring more functions like comments, likes on projects, chat, views counter, profile photos, among others.
Wait for the news!

05/04/2020 Ver

Version 1.2.2   05/04/2020

  • - New tab for simulating spells for the Temporis server! Available while Temporis IV is online.
  • - There was a small and significant performance improvement on the home page.
  • - Now the warnings in the top menu are translated into all languages.
  • - The French flag has been corrected, sorry for confusing it with the Dutch flag.
  • - Fixed the effects of items Slobberpuss' Collar and Misery's Greed.
  • - The English translation of the items of Horsemen of the Eliocalypse has been fixed.
  • - Improved pop-ups for mobile devices.
  •   01/04/2020
    • Olyst arrived! And they will be available until April 3rd.
  •   23/03/2020
    • - It is now possible to access your private projects without having to edit them.
  •   22/03/2020
    • - Fixed a bug where the first equipped ring did not display the exo color.
    • - The distance-stealing (shield) formula for weapons was in error. Got corrected.
Version 1.2.0 21/03/2020

Project save and sharing has arrived!

One of the great promises of the platform since its beta launch is finally available to all players, get to know the news:
  • That's right, ladies and gentlemen, it is now possible to save your projects!
  • Project research area is also available, find and share your projects and projects from other users!
  • Now the connected user has access to his panel, where he can see his saved projects, edit, delete and change his password.
  • The beta reward has arrived and is displayed just below your name in published projects. Now everyone knows you're a veteran!
  • Messages and notification buttons have been added to the top menu. That way our team can communicate better with you, the user, throughout the development of new versions.
  • We have a new logo! Did you like it?

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a big bug in the damage formula for spells and weapons that displayed a slightly higher value than they should be, and that persisted since the beta version of the platform. Some players they had already reported it, but we couldn't find where it came from.
  • Fixed a bug that when unequipping or changing a maged weapon, the effect of the mage was not removed.
  • Fixed a bug where the mage sometimes changed the element of the weapon even without neutral damage.
  • Fixed list of spells and Steamer variants. Sorry about it, Steamer's Lovers.
  • Now the social media shortcut buttons in the footer are working.

Small improvements

  • When changing the race of the project, an icon of the new race is displayed in the left menu button.
  • Sadida: Inoculation, Bane and Force of Nature now display complementary damage.
  • The French and English languages ​​have reached the end of their beta phase. The Spanish button has been temporarily removed.
  • Added our contact email at the end of the footer.

Final considerations:

Unfortunately due to problems like coronavirus this update had to be completed with urgency, and some elements were missing, such as the question of saving projects as a favorite, other achievements and others small details like inserting user profile picture, etc.
These items will be delivered in an upcoming update.
We hope that this bad phase will end soon, meanwhile, stay at home playing and continue using the Dofus Creator to assembling your projects. See you soon!

26/02/2020 Ver 1.1.0
  • The home page has been completely redesigned!
  • Along with the item above, it is now possible to access some menus using shortcut keys on the keyboard. On the home screen press X to see them.
  • A login page was added to the site. It is clearer what we are developing for the future of the platform.
  • The spells (press S on the home page) are now displayed side by side with their variants. Much better, isn't it?

Bug Fixes

  • Several items that were in the wrong status have been fixed.
  • Points invested in Agility increase the Lock and Dodge (1 to 10).
  • Points invested in Wisdom increase Parry/Reduction AP/MP (1 to 10).
  • Fixed an interface issue in the characteristics fields for Mozilla Firefox users.
  • Critical damage is now counted correctly in the damage preview.
28/01/2020 Ver 1.0.0
  • The Dofus Creator now can be accessed in English and French!
    Pronto podrás acceder al idioma español ¡no te hemos olvidado, lindos!
  • Added dark theme ! Find the button to switch between modes just above the left menu of character statistics.
  • Added the new items and missing sets from version 2.54 of the Dofus!
  • Along with the previous item we have two new pages on the site which are projects and register .
  • We had a makeover on the release notes and contact pages. The website now has a top navigation menu.
  • We added a pre-registration form on the website for the next update. Users who pre-register will receive a gift as soon as the next update comes out. Register here and learn more about the next update here .
  • Meet our social networks! Facebook e Youtube.

Bug fixes

  • Added a lot of sets and their respective items that were not being displayed in the catalog.
  • Fixed a bug where Ebony Dofus and Ivory Dofus did not appear for choice in the Dofus catalog.
  • Weapons that cause loss of AP to attack now do not account for AP reduction in project characteristics.
  • Adjusted some spells that were out of date.

- View beta release notes (only portuguese):