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Bug Report


Danos 0
Danos Terra 0
Danos Fogo 0
Danos Água 0
Danos Ar 0
Danos Neutro 0
Danos Empurrão 0
Danos Críticos 0
Danos Feitiços 0%
Danos Distância 0%
Danos Corpo 0%
Danos Armas 0%
Danos Finais 0%
Potência Feitiços 0


% Fix
Resistência Terra 0% Resistência Danos Terra0
Resistência Fogo 0% Resistência Danos Fogo0
Resistência Água 0% Resistência Danos Água0
Resistência Ar 0% Resistência Danos Ar0
Resistência Neutra 0% Resistência Danos Neutra0
Resistência Empurrão - 0
Resistência Crítica - 0
Resistência Feitiços Resistência Feitiços0% -
Resistência Distância Resistência Distância0% -
Resistência Corpo Resistência Corpo0% -



Ecaflip Palm Face

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Putch Ingball

Compare two projects

Settings   Display options

Shows the icon representing the status of that item. Example:
The trophy catalog will remain open when equipping a new trophy.
Uncheck this option if you want the panel to always close.

Shows the average price of the item based on its status. The calculation is made based on the efficiency per attribute of the equipment.
Calculates the average price of your entire project and automatically inserts it into the save tab.
Exos are not calculated.
Shows the shortcut keys above each button and element where they can be used.
Hides very specific special items, such as class equipment, missions and event items.

Automatically selects the last class you have chosen for your project.
Automatically changes the project level to the last level you worked on.

Spell simulator.   Simulate damage and spells.

Select the type of spell:
Select the element of the spell:
Base Damage
Min Max
... ...
Critical Damage
Min Max
... ...

Save Project

Enter the amount in millions (mk).

Who can use this project:



Use the shortcut keys to make your navigation on the site faster and more accurate!

Damage from spells and weapons

Weapon Skill: increases weapon damage by 300%.

Select Class   Click to select.

Add Buffs   Click on the effect to add.

Add Buffs   Click on the effect to add.


Fixed resistance
Resistance %

Change Damage

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