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meu set atualizado

Published in: 08/02/2021



Peças para serem trocadas:
- Gelano > Vulkórnio exo PM
- Glursona Simples > Exo PA
- Quadrante de Terra > Quatro-folhas

Para PvP trocar a montascote por um dragoperu indigo e marfim. GG
Peças para serem trocadas: - Ge...

ChanceDamageGlass Cannon
Dark theme
Bug Report


Damage 0
Earth Damage 0
Fire Damage 0
Water Damage 0
Air Damage 0
Neutral Damage 0
Pushback Damage 0
Critical Damage 0
Spell damage 0%
Ranged damage 0%
Melee damage 0%
Weapon damages 0%
Final Damage 0%
Spell Power 0


% Fix
Earth Resistance 0% Earth Resistance0
Fire Resistance 0% Fire Resistance0
Water Resistance 0% Water Resistance0
Air Resistance 0% Air Resistance0
Neutral Resistance 0% Neutral Resistance0
Pushback Resistance - 0
Critical Resistance - 0
Spell resistance Spell resistance0% -
Ranged resistance Ranged resistance0% -
Melee resistance Melee resistance0% -


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Kamas mk  

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